A) Water Department

The Sanilac Township water system operates on quality water provided by the Village Of Lexington.

Billing and Administration

Suzanne Shagena, 810-622-8178, extension 200, clerk@sanilactownship.org

Dru Moran, 810-622-8178, extension 300, treasurer@sanilactownship.org

At the time that a residence changes ownership or tenancy, the seller or current tenant should call Sanilac Township at (810) 622-8178, Ext. 2 or Ext. 3, to schedule a final reading. Please call two to three business days prior to the desired date of reading. The final bill will be mailed or emailed approximately 7 business days from the final reading date.  

Quarterly water bills can now be sent via email rather than through the U.S. Mail.  To sign up for paperless billing, please call or email either the clerk or treasurer and provide your water account number and email address.  Email addresses are as follows:  clerk@sanilactownship.orgtreasurer@sanilactownship.org.  

Information and Reports:

Water Meter Distribution

Corrine Falls – 810-622-9260